Cats Paw 

Who where you in my dreams 

I was the symmetric shape 

Of stems  

And smoking pipes,

A ornamental lilac 


singular beauty  

A touch-me-not

between fingertips 

And open ended sentences 

All vying to be heard. 
Who were you in my dreams?

You were the shadows 

across the moorlands 

The winds breath, 

a cats paw gently taping on the 

waters edge 

A poisonous look-a-like creeping 

through the fence

All vying to be heard. 

In a dream 

We were. 

J.Calvert 2017 

Photograph one:

Photograph two:

Love Affair

LAKEShe had a love affair with the lake,

She often dreamt of been swept away by the ice cold water,

Flow downstream and see where the water takes her,

To a far away land with sun that shines and warms the skin on her arms,

A place where she is free to speak, to be heard, a place where no monsters lurk,

The lake to her is an ocean, a great mass of water with endless prospect.

Lake Ladoga

dachaLake Ladoga resonates deeply and fills her mind with visions of sweet smelling country air,  scaled tree branches and the warmth of the fireplace touching the bare cold toes of four children, as they tell tales of monsters that lurk the countryside in search of innocent children.

How these stories, told by her brother, kept her awake through the night. Even though she had her two sisters lying beside her, she would wait in fear. For the arms of the monster to creep from below and wrap their long cagey fingers around her waist and snatch her from her warm cradle.