Sticks and Stones

Elizabeth Rose sat on the edge
Her wooden heart
Sawing the grain –
Blood in the cut
Opening with a thread
The hem only bordered
by flimsy flesh
Elizabeth Rose dangled her legs
Over the rim
her red eyes weeping,
a dirge
for the dead
Sticks and stones left
Horse bones and ashes swept
Elizabeth Rose staggered to her feet
Shaking legs
Black smoke billowed
Around the fallen,
Her frame borne,
a walking memory
as she continues on.





Contaminated Shell

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These walls are lonely,

Confines of misery,

Blank and unmoving,

They give me no glee,

The doors of this place,


Slip off the hinge,

Toxic caution,

A Contaminated shell,

The windows moan,

Timber floors groan,

The weight of solitaire,

Heavy to bare,

Burdensome still,

I await you.