The Rise Of Dawn


Before the rise of dawn
in skies of amber and silk.
She closes her eyes
in soft throws of sleep.
Remembering a time of unforgotten bliss.
He stands before her,
emerging from the haze,
folded under arm,
stirring the heavens, to bring him near,
To meet her at this place
of educed tales.
Lips touch – in moments of ecstasy
A riot among day and night –
rebellious and rising
cradled in the spell,
Fallen below the dawning,
The first light of day
to take him away,
To cast his light across the land,

Where she holds him dear.

J.Calvert 2016

Dove Gray

Dove gray,
Silk and willow kiss,
Wrapped linen around her hips,
Dawn, to light the cinnamon specks in her eyes,
Foggy morning, to shade our minds,
To sleep in fated breath,
Restless in lover’s layers and mist,
Seamed upon silver lined sheets,
Scent of rosemary and wine,
Slipping through the whitewashed window,
Our senses overcome,
A faint melody,
A backdrop to our bliss,
Revelling in our feverish hearts,
A quiver on our lips.

Copyright J Calvert 2015

Run Away In The Morning


Run away in the morning,

Lose our minds in the evening,

On dawn we can reassemble,

Place our distorted thoughts in a capsule,

Send them down the river,

See if they sink or swim,

Liberate our minds,

Break away from normality,

Let’s run away in the morning,

Leave it all behind,

On dusk we might learn to fly,

If not we can at least try.