The Northern Winds

In familiarity
Abacinate in copper stone-
Blinded by the strokes of love.
With wild winds and uprooting pine.
Pebbles reflecting the mirror of time.
The shallow grave of the rivers passage,
drowning in dead buds and harrowing feat.
We have been here, in this time –
The time before and beyond,
Unyielding and true,
Lifetimes imbued.
A veil of lace covered your glorious face,
In times of yesteryear; in the highlands
I held you near.
In all our lives drawn
the horizon steals our gaze,
on each morn,
and the low rumble of thunder
in the distance, signalling from the north.
Our binds held our wrist tight
Threaded the wire across our skin,
Etching our love within,
In wounds and summons-
Star-crossed lovers till the end,
In the moments before our deaths, we knew we would meet again.

Endless –

Our love flows.

Poppy Seed Yellow 

Stepping across a pathway of flowers and silken petals, of stems and soft buds, thorns and needle pins, colours and hues of summer kiss, poppy seed yellow and aqua blue, a pathway of artistic dreams and visual fantasy, a place far beyond dreams.

Defied By The Stars

She in the light of the stars,
He in the beam of the moon,
Star crossed lovers,
In June,

Of rose buds and bittersweet perfume,
Of broken nights,
Awake in lover’s qualm,
A feud which will last till the end of time,
In centuries past,

Whispered in the wind,
Romeo and Juliet,
Balcony and marble arch,
She couldn’t be more beautiful,
Then the fine threads of her handkerchief,
Catching silver teardrops,
Embroidered hearts,

Orchid walls, high,
A Capulet’s jail,
A wanton shackled,
Sleep dwelling,
Restless dawn,
A thousands goodbyes,
Kissing the lips of lovers,
Defied, by the stars.