Velvet Ribbon and Black Balloon


A velvet ribbon, tied to a silver key,
Black balloons floating on a string,
Perched above, in grey skies,
Clouded in a scent of salt and misty evening dew,
A keyhole, on a frame of flaking crimson paint,
Yellow light, created by a frilled rim lampshade,
And a secret safe inside,
Buried from prying eyes; instilled.

J. Calvert 2015

Red Swan and Elk Tree

Red Swan. | Editorial | Pinterest

Red Swan. | Editorial | Pinterest

Against the backdrop of crimson skies,
She looks beyond the gravesite,
The leaves of goldenrod and olive notes,
Scatter and crush under toe,
The dead and buried, the few still walking the night,
Churchyard and skulls,

Damsel and knight,
A red swan under an elk tree,
Snow white velvet and ferny duress  is she, Heart broken and veiled,
A hornet’s nest swinging above,
Inflamed in smile,
Intoxicated, debris,

Melting tallow candle, Dipped in suffocating breath,
Smouldering light flickering,
Deep rooted,
Underground she sleeps,

Among the living and dead.

Rose Petal

In the depths, Of night, Across the meadows of light, Under silky shawl, Her toes dip into the shore, Rose petal lips quiver in kiss, Against the wind, Her heart skips, Gazing out towards, The horizon of amethyst hues and … Continue reading