Samba ~ a duet

A huge thank you to Antony for dancing with me. A steamy samba to spice up your Saturday.
It’s always a pleasure to write with such an incredible poet. Antony’s work is inspirational, and has inspired me greatly. 💗💗💗

Thoughts...exploding in my head

Her approach, fills his eyes wide
A glowing beauty, dolled up to dance
His heart beats, to the sound of music
He feels the shimmie shake
As she steps, she takes, his breath

Extending his hand, she holds with a promise

This girl, is going to twirl, your head around
Twist and shake, bring you to the ground
Red lips inviting,
Those killer curves move
Smooth steps, in the stride of her heels

Boy, you best bring your moves tonight

Shoes are shined, pants pressed, even wearing a vest
Holding her hand, he leads her in a whirl
So all can see, this ravashing beauty
Legs like a gazelle, sleek and smooth
Watch the glide into his arms, as he embraces her

Square they stand, on the down beat they start

Raising her hips, to meet his chest
He tightens his grip
Around her waist, pulling her near
Then rotating…

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The Flight-A Duet With Lino Robles



The soft winds,
And lost in my thoughts am I,
My desires abode in the night,
Flowers crushed in my plight,


Fly in unison across bluebonnet skies,
And feathery light,
My words silenced by your grace,
I’m tied in a moment, which my heart can’t escape.


If thats your style,
lets write about it,
you are whimsical with your words;


My thoughts take flight like a bird
so high up i’ve,
got to wipe the morning dew from my eye

That’s how fresh & alive
you make me feel escaping the shores tides
Of my past life

relationships that were destined to show me whats right
In the woman i’d call my future wife


A huge thank you to the amazingly talented poet Lino Robles. Working with him on this piece was a pleasure. He tells me my writing is very whimsical, so this piece took just that; a romantic turn. I love the way his words lead our poem in a very cool direction. I felt like we could sing this piece. lol So if you aren’t already, which I’m sure you are, head over and check Lino Robles incredible site! Go on what are you waiting for?