A Dripping Wet Canvas In Fumes

The sun, in shining light,
Above land of shattered plight,
Of railways and broken trees,
Seethes and churns,
Corrodes the earth,

The emerald fields,
Fade away to dust,
The oceans tides rise,
And edge into the land,
Under the light of the full moon,

Open highways,
Gravel and asphalt,
From west to east,
Smoke and smoulder,
Hazed and misted over,
South to north,
Ice caps and a melting pot,
Bubbling and simmering fuse,

The highway to hell,
With faux and fur,
Plastic and wilting,
Stained and perfumed,
The world, a new cartoon,
Lava and molten rock,
A dripping wet canvas in fumes.

Willows and Weeps

Photo courtsey of www.youtube.com

Photo courtsey of http://www.youtube.com

The earth willows and weeps,

Cries in her sleep,

Scattered and unveils her plight,

Drunk on the fumes of poverty and greed,

Befalls her sweet beauty,

Winds of scented meander,

The tears transpire to dwelling,

On changing times,

Drought leaves her bare and dearth.

Wild Flowers

Silver bells,

Under sapphire skies,

Settling over the sea of cerulean,

Colours dance in lover’s song,

Trees of pine,

Spiral forth,

Highlighted by the soft mist of morning light,

Dew myriads,

Over the wild flowers bloom,

Clusters of foxglove,

Lavender hues,

Hummingbirds soar,

Lips brush with honeyed smelling buds,

The silent woods,

Carry you still,

Surrender amid the shelter,

Where wild flowers blossom,

In natures love.