Ruffled Wings


I’ll undo the little threads
Fitted to my skin
Unfold each softly twined strand,
Let my wings reside in flutter
Behind my shoulders
In shades of copper
trimmed with gold
The scent of lilies float,
over a pond of fronds
and branches fold
under slippers wove in silk
and ribbon ties loop
Ruffled wings
Of feathers and plumes
In tangled array
Tethering me to this place
Like draperies unbridled
To reveal
The gentle pleats of flight.



Where Does Lost Love Go?

Stunning photo courtesy of:,d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNEc_DkZyqECioLniPqAuVZqAgLSjg&ust=1443672619514401

Stunning photo courtesy of:

Lost love floats in the breeze,

Twirls and catches on trees,

The branches grasp it,

The leaves to cocoon,

The sunshine warms,

The night air passes over,

It begins to cool,

Lost love drifts down to the ground,

Into the damp earth,

It sinks,

Buried below the surface,

Lost love resides.

Snow Fairy

A touch of snow, Tiptoes lightly, Across the brow, Of ruffled fringe, Tangled and cold, The tears weep, Down my cheek, Shaping crystals, Of icy droplets, In this moment, Of physical beauty, Of time beyond reproach, Of eyes lingering on … Continue reading