Pendula Tree

A little place, between the trees, A place only for you to see, Under the pendula tree, Weeping cherries, Pink and wet, in dew, Resting your tired head, On cushions of flower buds, And tales of fairies, To enchant your … Continue reading

An Ancient Cinderella Story

Across the sea,
The Mediterranean flows, Forth From the Nile,
She Rhadopis,
With curls of golden honey,
Eyes of Acanthus,

Searching for the sea, to carry her away,
In rose red slippers,
She spins, she weaves, she grows weary,
She falls,

A pharaoh swoons,
A lotus flower,
Tresses, as feathery as papyrus,
A gemstone of the Nile,
An ancient Cinderella story.

The Princess and the Pea

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In raging storms,
Wild winds blows wide,
The iron cask gate,
Creaks and rasps,
In lashing rain,
A king of finery,
A handsome face,
Bespoke her,
A hair of fuzzy mess,
A wet and weeping mess,
To sleep a frightful night,
On feather-down and mattress high,
Resting on a pearly superstition,
The queen in disillusion,

As the sun rose,
In muted tones,
Of weeping red
And aubergine rosette,
Her lips drew breath,
Mingling tears,
Tasting the morning dew,
Her eyes wide in wake,
Thinking of her dearest king,
Her heart feathered,
And gaping,
She hardly slept a wink.