My Wild Heart



Tonight, Send Me A Warrior King



My enemy lies beside,
under the cover of night,
A little slice of heaven,
desire to roam my body, passion to clutch my throat,
lips wet with promise, lust never tasted so divine,
savoured like forbidden fruit, I bite with greed,
leave behind teeth marks
and a throbbing wound

send me a man,
a bold one,
a warrior king,
I need a fighter, someone who’s not afraid to sin,
a solider looking for a fight,
to combat under the sheets,
we will battle through to dawn,

is all we have,
tomorrow you can leave,
I’ll be finished with you by three,
we can be nemeses,
in the light of day,
but under the cloak of darkness,
you will be mine.

Tonight, you’ll stay.




lina Kay The drawstrings of your dress
down your spine,
reveal a tender back
and little hairs, fine.
A jumble of knotted vanilla ribbons,
reminds me of the hayloft,
where we rested our heads
the summer before last,
when the world owed us
and we found solace in the stars
the drawstrings of your dress
down your spine
such a carnage of skin
straw milled, light
your hair all sticks and leaves
swallowed by the burden
the weight of birch stick
leaving welts behind.


Heart Line

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I’ll let the cool water

slip around my sides,

Taste the salt over thighs,

The stiches of the my seams

Little by little come undone,

Laced and twilled around the edge,

The water drips without a care

washing away the worries of today

Undoing the line of stitching,

holding my limbs in place

Allowing me to really see

my own face,


To be confronted with grace.




Inspired by life

and who we are

in each and every moment,

Realising and relishing

the beauty of ‘I’

The power of self belief.

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