Daydreams Of You


Daydreams are filled with images of you,
Instilled in the light of day,
Infused in the way,
Your hair falls sleepily across your face,
Subdued in your smile,
Muted in hues of sunlight,
Whispered and hushed below the jacaranda tree,
Blue buds of iridescence,
Cloudless skies,
A mirror of endless depth,
Reflection upon blush and china rose lips,
Tumbling softly,
Dreams of you to hold,
Close to my heart,
A mirage of love.

J.Calvert 2015

Poppy Seed Yellow 

Stepping across a pathway of flowers and silken petals, of stems and soft buds, thorns and needle pins, colours and hues of summer kiss, poppy seed yellow and aqua blue, a pathway of artistic dreams and visual fantasy, a place far beyond dreams.

Marshmallows and Rain

Sweet linger of marshmallows and rain, Under the dip of the suns rays, A veil of lace, Silver glow, Of old satin strings, wood and musk tunes, Encased under the light of the tree, swinging by the blackbirds sling, the whisper of wind sleeps below the branches of evergreen, in fated breathe, lovers cross.