Flames Temper In Between

fireloversOn the other side,

She watches, with attentive eyes,

The flames temper in between,

Two faces stare,

Across the blaze,

As it enchants the night air,

Setting fire to their fervour,

Igniting their minds,

Casting spells before their eyes,

Filling them with the burning urge,

To disengage,

To walk through the fire,

Hell and angst,

To reach the other side,

To find one another,

Without being burnt alive.

Staring Down The Barrel Of A Loaded Gun

Loaded gunStaring down the barrel of a loaded gun, the bullet fires through the air, smashing hard into my chest, the heat burns, smoke sweeps round, but baby you don’t even care. Wounded in the gutter, the rainwater washes the blood away. I look into your eyes, indifference stares back. Baby you don’t even care, how much pain you cause.