Porcelain Doll

She lurked beneath the sea In languid dreams Among encrusted shells and aqua marine Swimming in tales of bootleg bandits and treasures foreseen. Her eyes mirrored by the swell Sinking in coral A wet porcelain doll – Stitched with serrated … Continue reading

Legends are made

'Fantasy and reality often overlap.' Walt Disney

‘Fantasy and reality often overlap.’ Walt Disney

Words mark the page, they link in meaning and stories are made. Black ink spills forth, fluid, thick, letters rise and fall. Tales of folklore and fantasy, of dragons, fire and fame, of princesses, warriors, witches, and werewolves fill the page. Lines of reality blur, boundaries intersect, myths slowly seep into our world, reality and fantasy interlace.

In the legend we are lost.

Magic of Night

imageIn the magic of night, the light sprays out in all directions. Shadows are cast and creates vivid tales in the mind. Tales of horror, tales of hero’s, tales of things long past. When the lights are on, the imaginary creatures vanish and I’m left alone in the light.