Little Fawn and Apple Tree


Under the apple tree,
Of red delicious and green shades,
A hideaway,
So sweet in the passing morn,
Asleep in the Willowbank,
A little golden fawn,
Eyes like chestnut trees and tan,
She sleeps in peaceful shade,
A little dear,
Awake on dawn,
In a garden bed,
Of lullaby and resting sun.

The Last Unicorn

In forest of enchanted lands,
Across gullies and lakes,
She, steps in perfect time,

In dress of flowing silk,
Embedded in footsteps,
She, follows the sun,

In nights willowing winds,
Under chandelier skies,
She, a night owl sighs,

In hills of feathered light,
Peacocks and butterflies,
She, a lily on a pale morn,

In strawberry fields,
Of grassy bill and riverine,
She, walks alongside,

A unicorn of silver ties,
Folded wings and golden horn,
She, the last unicorn.

Thor’s Oak

The winds bellow and hush, The forest sweeps, Invades our silence, In the woodlands, I find sweet Isabella, In darling bloom, A shining light of gold and white, Under Thor’s Oak, She basks in daylight, Petals of bluebells, Under skies … Continue reading