The Eiffel Tower


Under a tower of puddled iron,
Rivets and metallic gloss,
Dreams of love,
Drifted upon,
The river Seine,

The Eiffel Tower,

To fill our hearts
To take our breath away,
To soothe our souls,
Dazzle our eyes,
To treat our lips,
To a love affair,

In crimson ties,
Built on a foundation of stone,
On the Champ De Mars,
Mended pathways of amore,
Mortals and immortals tread,

A pinnacle of Parisian reverie,
A lover and muse,
Shaded and stroked,
Tinted in tender notes,

Our hearts belong in Paris,
Haunting the spire of Gustave,
Never falls from the tongues of ancient ones,

Under the full moon and flickering lights,
Paris is glorious on this fine night.

We Will Rise

J. Calvert 2008

J. Calvert 2008

Under chandelier skies,
Stars of dust,
Shards in the night,
Clouded and broken,
Fractured light,
Below, Parisians weep,
Tears fall,
Silver threads,
Drip down the face of a nation,
The world reels.
On the dawn,
Under the light of day,
Brilliant rays of metallic, brass and copper tones,
Love will wrap her veil around our shoulders,
Draw us in,
Blanketed under the warmth of love,
The sun will shine, even on the darkest day,
We will rise.

In the wake of the terrible events in Paris I have been reading the beautiful messages of hope, love and compassion from my fellow bloggers and yet, my own words lost.

Today I sat down at my computer, and the words spilt forth, in tears and sorrow. My words only a small band-aid on the pain the world is feeling.

Yet, I know, we as a community, a people of compassion and love. Fear and hatred will be overridden and we will prevail.

We will rise again.


J. Calvert 2008


J.Calvert 2008

Jennifer Calvert 2008

J.Calvert 2008

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