Lies They Send

the past

Tears weep,

Down the face,

Of days of old,

Of people undone,

Of sinners, saints and in between,

The unclassified,

The dulcified,

Conceal the past,

Rewrite history,

Forge a future,

A new narration,

Of myth and legend,

One that does not harm menfolk,

On the lips of liars,

We will start a new day,

Forget all that’s past,

Truth awash,

From the tongues of men,

We form our identity,

From the lies they send.


Leave it all behind

Leave the past behind, focus on the hear and now. Breathe deeply the present. Take it all in. Try not to focus on what might have been, but see the things that are.                                       Leave it all behind


fieldsMemories stream through my mind, a time of days long past. A time of happiness and sorrow, past and present and ones to follow.    A moment in time etched in our minds, carved in our hearts. Memories made to last.