Selene Became The Night

The sky absorbed her name,
Selene become the night,
In faded light,
Her heart recounted,
The times,
Of worship,
Bathing in the realm of eternal splendour,

Iridescent under the imprint of the moon,
Glowing pink pearls and anthodium blooms,
Pear shaped Mandolin hymns,
Silver stars in her eyes,
Teardrops glistening in the skies,
Side saddle she rides,
A steed of stardust blue,
A cosmic child,
Awakened under the moon.

Aphrodite’s Golden Apples

Thousands of years ago,
Cloaked in ancient tides,
Of velvet night,
Showered in raindrops and silky skies,
A face as breathtaking as dawn,
She, swathed in perfumed garments,
Of gold and silk,
Myrtle-garlands fanfare in ebony locks,
Her white veil parted, the curtain draped,
Casting shadows on an ivory cream face,
Lips as pink as a Gallic Rose,
A symbol of Aphrodite’s love,
Golden apples taste so sweet,
In her garden, by the sea.

A Duet of Olive and Cypress Tones

Image courtsey of

Image courtsey of


Unfolding under the early morning mist,

Under the canopy, Eyes of jade awaken,

Wood and musk,

Dance across her nose,

A duet of olive and cypress tones,

Flowers and feathers,

Fetch, through hair of raven night,


Sunlight sneaks, through darkened leaves,

Shadows cast,

Holding the light above her eyes,

Painted moss,

streams of yellow and blue,

Silken silver hues,

Branches droop,

Ancient groves,

Vines tiptoe,

Slip over her toes,

Wrap and bind,



Under the olive tree,

Of Greek mythology,

She a distant memory,

Lost on the tides of time.