Melting candles,
Dipped in wax,
Laboured breath,
Intoxicated in the debris,
Scent of vanilla and smoky cathedral walls,
My mind can’t let go; enthralled in grief,
Eyes closed,
Suffocated by the shadows,
Gasping, on bent knees,
Tearing open,
Rending, in wake,
A wreath of laurel,
Kneeling please,
The altar, the coffin; take centre stage,
A cross upon the final resting place,
Withered flowers to lay, veil to hide my face.

J.Calvert 2015

Heavens Golden Wings

She slipped away,
Lily white fingers clutching,
Tethering, on tenterhooks,
I could feel her soft hands,
Her spirit, lingering in the air between,
Eyes closing,
In fated breath,
Our paths once met, she stole my heart,
In memories,
We shall share,
Our lifelong love,
Fading away,
She, my darling,
In crest,
Resting in heavens golden wings.