Daydreams Of You


Daydreams are filled with images of you,
Instilled in the light of day,
Infused in the way,
Your hair falls sleepily across your face,
Subdued in your smile,
Muted in hues of sunlight,
Whispered and hushed below the jacaranda tree,
Blue buds of iridescence,
Cloudless skies,
A mirror of endless depth,
Reflection upon blush and china rose lips,
Tumbling softly,
Dreams of you to hold,
Close to my heart,
A mirage of love.

J.Calvert 2015

I’m Forever Grateful

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, I’ve traveled to amazing places, Seen some different things, I’m greeted by the happy face of my daughter, I work, I write, I study I am always busy, … Continue reading

Are you happy?

Expectation If love touched our hearts and took our breathe away would we feel complete? If money rained down upon our heads, would we be happy? If life became an endless journey of adventure and travel, would we be fulfilled? If our dream job landed in our laps would we feel successful? If we lost everything and left only with the smiles and laughter of our children would we be eternally grateful?