You Were Never Mine


Conceptual Portrait Photography By Mariesol Fumy

In a place I call my own, under a canopy of stars,
I wait, for the sun to rise,
Of golden sun, stroking the fire,
To steal, yet a gaze at the light in your eyes.
My temple to feel the weight of your lips,
Our tears to cascade and mingle in kiss.
You disappeared long before I could say –
I want you to stay.
A lifetime of longing,
My love, my heart-aches;
Throbs and pulsates.
In guarded breathe
i’ll push you to the back, into the shade,
In memory you’ll remain,
Of stolen moments and kisses snuck.
Behind the face of night,
We shone bright,
But now I must take leave –
For you my darling were never mine to keep.

J.Calvert 2016

Rabbit Run, Part 2

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Little Miss

A little teacup,
Filled to the brim,
A crack edging the rim,
A saucer of floral flowers,
Little Miss, and her finery –
Of china,
Royal Doulton, a vintage delight,
Sipping infusion with haphazard eyes,
Haunted by the coldness of the outside,
Peculiar fingertips and tastebuds drip,
Storms brewing,
Lace and silk blustering,
Full in the tempests rage,
A noose of tomorrow’s cage,
A little teacup,
Broken in pieces,
The crack runs deep,
The rim a shattered shell,
Little Miss, and her porcelain skin,
Of rose and vine,
Lips bleed, on her tongue,
Disturbed, by the heat of her heart,
Heaving chest and bent spine,
Storm clouds, hover above,
Empty in the mornings face,
A corral of today,

A little teacup and Miss, set in lace.