Heavens Golden Wings

She slipped away,
Lily white fingers clutching,
Tethering, on tenterhooks,
I could feel her soft hands,
Her spirit, lingering in the air between,
Eyes closing,
In fated breath,
Our paths once met, she stole my heart,
In memories,
We shall share,
Our lifelong love,
Fading away,
She, my darling,
In crest,
Resting in heavens golden wings.

Satin Blue

sunriseIn drowsy wake,

Of softly fallen breath,

Lips of buttery pink,

Hair of chestnut hue,

Amber gemstones and silky skin,

In sheets of satin blue,

Dew still lingers over meadows,

Birds still sleeping on,

Kissed by morning light,

Heaven opens her eyes.

In Heavens Fair Breathe

Angel by Margarita Kareva www.tumblr.com-

Angel by Margarita Kareva www.tumblr.com-

In heavens fair breathe,

In feathers and fragranced night flowers,

Of sleeping clouds,

Moon of harvest,

Sweeping black birds

And winged angels,

In heavens fair breathe,

The wind left,

The spark of bluebirds eyes,

Disappeared into the skies,

The time of truth,

Vanished with you,

Eyes shut,

Wide awake,

Teardrops cascade,

Fall upon earth’s jaded face,

Fountains and lakes,

Sleeping beside,

In starlight night,

In heavens fair breathe.