Fiery Lips Of Hell


Devilish sin, on the fiery lips of hell, pure angel begs, and slips between heaven and the pits of hell. Fallen from grace, cradled in iniquitous hands and the warm breathe of flames stroking her sins. 

Flames Temper In Between

fireloversOn the other side,

She watches, with attentive eyes,

The flames temper in between,

Two faces stare,

Across the blaze,

As it enchants the night air,

Setting fire to their fervour,

Igniting their minds,

Casting spells before their eyes,

Filling them with the burning urge,

To disengage,

To walk through the fire,

Hell and angst,

To reach the other side,

To find one another,

Without being burnt alive.

Welcome to Hell

Darkness Last night I had a nightmare, were creatures stalked the shadows and the streets were paved in death. They followed me to the grave, they whispered of darkness and despair. They waited for their chance to drag me down below, my morality was questioned and put on show.