Halls Of Disdain

White Flowing Dress

Photo Courtsey of favim.com

Blinded by this place we call fate,

I wait,

It couldn’t be further away,

The unknown beats on my brain,

It will happen in providence,

The words descend,

On ears of deafness,

Not catching,

Words are useless,

In this place,

In between,

Of no time or reality,

I wait in vain,

Wander the halls of disdain,

In baited breathe,

In white flowing stress,

I will wait for you.

Coffee Cups

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

The scent of coffee invades the salty air, the sunlight spills through the pine trees, and highlights the water lapping on the shore, this scene is all but forgotten, the people await impatiently, they push and prod and look beyond the sunlight and the sea, deep inside their coffee cups is all they see.