Little Lamb

  She spoke in tongues of old of stories long told Red raw and brimming with gold Her breathe darted against the cold Trees fallen by the wayside lonely in the night silenced by the wind, her voice – hushed … Continue reading

Victim or Victor…

A powerfully written poem. Which really touched me. Especially the last line. ‘I choose who I am and I have no one to blame but me.’
Please visit, The Road To Uncertainty!

5 Day Photo/Story Challenge, Day 2

I have been challenged by the wonderful Rich at Waffle Me This, to the 5 day photo story challenge.

Today is day two. I’m really enjoying this challenge.
Thanks Rich. I appreciate the nomination and I’m really excited about this challenge!

Challenge Guidelines:

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to your image.

*can be fiction / non-fiction
*poem / short paragraph
*each day nominates another blogger

Black Trees and Dawns Silver Face 

Shadows fall in soft breath over river rocks,
Silhouettes dance upon the shore,
Time stands emotionless,
Pine needles,
Branches sleeping in long gently rhyme,
Bestowing shade on a long summer’s day,
Black trees and dawns silver sun,
Lighting my way to a new day begun.

Today I would like to nominate the very talented Jacqueline at A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales. With her creativity I know she’ll be great at this challenge!