Willows and Weeps

Photo courtsey of www.youtube.com

Photo courtsey of http://www.youtube.com

The earth willows and weeps,

Cries in her sleep,

Scattered and unveils her plight,

Drunk on the fumes of poverty and greed,

Befalls her sweet beauty,

Winds of scented meander,

The tears transpire to dwelling,

On changing times,

Drought leaves her bare and dearth.

Knit My Heart In Twine

Weave my words, knit my heart in twine, to break free of the confinement of my soul, listen to my breath, shallow and cold. Jennifer Calvert

Pattern Of Love

She breezes past on steady step, Her feet bare, In pattern her legs glide, Filtering in daylight, Through perfect form, Her toes pirouette, Her face lit by the sun, She smoothly arranges, Curls slip over brow, Silky auburn locks, Her … Continue reading