Happy New Years From Australia

  ‘Live freely in the moment, breath in the love, the spark to light our way, in our hearts.’ Happy New Years my WordPress friends! I’m in Australia; so 2016 is only 2.5hours away! 🎉❤️

Winter Winds

horse riding

Photo courtsey of http://www.pinterest.com

Her boots clutch the stirrups, the brass clinks, as she swings a leg high, clinging to her horse, she bolts into the distance, through the trees she gallops, holding the reins, guiding the mare along the way, Arcubra slips from her head, flying through the air, she trails on, ruby locks stroking the winter wind. The sun streaming through the treetops, lighting her way to freedom.

The Last Unicorn

In forest of enchanted lands,
Across gullies and lakes,
She, steps in perfect time,

In dress of flowing silk,
Embedded in footsteps,
She, follows the sun,

In nights willowing winds,
Under chandelier skies,
She, a night owl sighs,

In hills of feathered light,
Peacocks and butterflies,
She, a lily on a pale morn,

In strawberry fields,
Of grassy bill and riverine,
She, walks alongside,

A unicorn of silver ties,
Folded wings and golden horn,
She, the last unicorn.