Tainted Hearts and Gothic Art

Broken bells, And tarnished sheets, Tainted hearts and gothic art, Twenty nine cigars and a bottle of ale, Death threats and Three mysterious queens, In rivalry, A crown on each, One of gold, a finest trophy, The other of iron … Continue reading

A Thistle of Cirsiums

Her crown worn like a thistle of cirsiums, Adorn her head of mellifluous honey and caramel cream, Eyes in wakening, Lips in rousing red, Bleeding all over the bed, Four poster and mahogany red, Sheets of silver silk, drenched in … Continue reading

Volatire Decree

Blood drips,

Slips down my face,

Carmine seeps,

A crimson stream,

It flows,

All over our silk sheets,

Spills into the streets,

The throne overturned,

Deceit at every turn,

Broken souls,

Turn them away,

I’ll become king in one day,

You will see the stain,

My hands will be eternally tinged in distain,

I will be a god among mortals,

On the lips of the people,

Spread fear across the land,

You will bow down to me,

And see,

Volatile decree.