Astrila Night Sky

Drops of heaven fall, dancing like fireflies in the astrila night sky, swoop to the lips of love, taste on the tongue, the rawness of breath. Words form clouds in the air, carry away, beneath the moon, a lovers wish comes true.

Cosmic Olive Trees

cottageThe lake lucid, frosty, rugged, serene, reflective, pebbles and gravel converge on the lake-bed. The surrounds seem to a city dweller somewhat philosophical, cosmic olive trees, russet solid trunks line the banks, green grass unfolds, and enduring stone cottages litter the countryside.

Lake Ladoga

dachaLake Ladoga resonates deeply and fills her mind with visions of sweet smelling country air,  scaled tree branches and the warmth of the fireplace touching the bare cold toes of four children, as they tell tales of monsters that lurk the countryside in search of innocent children.

How these stories, told by her brother, kept her awake through the night. Even though she had her two sisters lying beside her, she would wait in fear. For the arms of the monster to creep from below and wrap their long cagey fingers around her waist and snatch her from her warm cradle.