As nightfall settles across the lily scented banks, Over the deb and flow of the tides, Of silver skies and sapphire heavens, In sweet crying shadow, Her veil slips, Revealing skin of lily cream, and lips of lavender dreams, In … Continue reading

Lily of the Valley

Cute-Lovers-emmashields-32269500-500-278 In the morning haze,

We lie in the grassy hills,

Amongst the Lilies,

Flower stems line the surrounding land,

Sweet scent of honeysuckle evoke,

Lace with hints of sandalwood,

Harmonize the air,

The sky above,

The town below,

Our cares misplaced there,

Spellbound by one another,

Not a sound we hear,

Not a sight we see,

Our hearts in love,

It’s all we need.