Memories of you, linger still.



Carolina Blue

In faded light,
Clouded and feathered flight,
Flowers wither and wilt,
Of honeydew and Carolina blue,
Pink lace and teardrops shed,
Casting shadows on dusk,
Her petals fall,
Like autumn leaves,
My once blooming flower sleeps,
On the forest floor.

Lost Love



Under mauve and amber skies,
And darkened night,
Her hand gripped mine,
The darkness eloping and stilling our minds,
Our feet stepped in perfect time,
Smoky air, and embers burn,
Sparrows of old world song,
In the eaves of garden blooms,
In the shadows,
Of broken glass and clouded shards,
The wind chimes a sorrowful song,
Hands untied,
Wandering aimlessly,
We search the skies,
My lover lost, in the dark of night.