Drip, Part 1

Wild honey,
Drip, down her candid heart,
Fainting; the sight of blood,
Paranoia, gapping like a fleshy wound,
A maiden of distrust,
In a dangerous peril of insanity,
Exposed to the heat of the sun,
Sanctuary within a dappled disparity,
Alice, disclosed,
Her inner self,
Bleeding closed, on the outside,

Her battle just begun.


Each day the tide arrives Ripples and rolls Wraps around my throat Sucks the air from my lungs The silence of the water Washes over my chaotic mind In stillness I am left Blind. It is merely a ripple in … Continue reading

Junk Yard

The kite string,
With a flicker,
The wind drew breath,
Opened her mouth to speak,
And was left, in stillness,
Hushed, in sobriety,
A window to the open skies,
And a canvas painted white,
My mind a junk yard,
Inhaling the garbage,
Toxicity, red eyes blind,
A skeletal frame, twenty plus one,
Talk, all you do is talk,
Talk is cheap,
Wrap your wiry hands around me,
Bring your cold lips on mine,
Warm them on my tongue,
Wasted, you are wasted,
You taste like regret,
I blame myself for your surrender, Lover, you won second prize, but here I am. 

Black River Run



Black river,
Oily and murky rift,
Swig the liquor,

Feel it crawl on your tongue,
Creeping on the outside,
Burrowing down,
Liquid burning,

All consuming,
Seeping like venom under skin,
Break open another bottle,
To cool your throat,

Let it wash away your dues,
Deeply, softly in the hues of your past,
Chocking on toxic shock,
Cradled in trembling hands; the numbness of the juice,

Lost moments,
Windows bolted up,
Fastened in wrought iron locks,
The wrath of your guilt,
Burdensome lies,

Skulk in the backdrop of your soul,
The coils of the throne,
Bent and wayward,
Worshippers long gone,
Alone and unveiled.