My Heart is a Wild Place


My heart

is a wild place


I dare not tread

with loud feet

and ungloved hands

My heart 

Is a wild place


I move in subtle rhythm

With soft-coloured eyes

behind lashes

My heart 

is a wild place


Words are seldom

with a mute tongue

Surrounded by lips like cherries

My heart 

is a wild place


Touch is sharp

with finger tips

and nails


My heart 

Is a wild place



and rose bush

twill in a wind

of frosty dew

My heart 

is a wild place


Once untameable


sleeps peaceful




tender tones

to tell a thousand words.


J.Calvert 2017


A Braid Of Blue Horizon

Fragrant scents linger still
on light wind;
across the mill
Speaking to the trees
whispers softly spoke,
Between visions of gold;
lies Calla-Lilies
Trumpet shaped
paper-like bulbs
Painted in oil strokes,
Across Western Isles,
a braid of blue horizon
A hazy day unfolds
The hours between us;
filled with wordless minutes –
seconds slip
through our fingers
No matter how we cling
The silent sea
and the land moans sweetly
Words fail our sensibilities,
Disentangled by the strings that cast
and bind our hearts
Our senses curve above the sun,
The clouds a husky front –
The sound of silence
Speaks to us,
In the garden of our dreams.

@ J.CALVERT 2017

Photography courtesy of Pinterest

Virtuously Blind


It’s the shade of blue that covers the sky
In December, when the sun is high
The light that crosses over your face
Shadows hold to no avail

Could it be you’re a mere fragment of my imagination?
Cask from the depths of my soul
Conjured from the wanting of my heart and
shaped by the very essence of my mind

Aware am I
That all this could be a dream
The fall of golden blonde across your shoulders
And silky skin
Pallid in the early hours
When dawn performs
Emerging as a holy flower

A blessing and a curse
Sin and virtue pooled
Tasted by a fool
Lips of red wine,
My bleeding heart
Created you from the vine
Virtuously blind.


Photos courtesy of google images.

I know its been awhile and I’ve missed my writing space and writing friendships made. The last few months have proved challenging. I’m due to have my second baby girl in two weeks and my ability to write has disappeared? My mind is blank with the upcoming event taking centre stage! Please forgive my absence.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Here’s new and exciting adventures in 2017!

Jen xxx



Under Shawl 

The depth of my soul,
Buried beneath the cathedral stone,
My breath shallow,
The weight of my pain wrapped under shawl,
My lips bleeding in lacey throw,
Unable to speak,
My dues,
I owe,
Cast undertow.




Time is lost,
In each breathe,


Memories shun,

Over and over. Reciting our song,

In the past my heart belongs,

The future a ribbon soaked in blood,

Asleep in the wounds of love.

I have written Her…..

I have no words to describe how much I love this poem, by the very talented Eric. It’s just so incrediblely beautiful. Took my breath away! ❤️❤️❤️

Tainted Hearts and Gothic Art

Broken bells, And tarnished sheets, Tainted hearts and gothic art, Twenty nine cigars and a bottle of ale, Death threats and Three mysterious queens, In rivalry, A crown on each, One of gold, a finest trophy, The other of iron … Continue reading

A Black Hawk and A Dove

Incredible image courtesy of; Brooke Shaden The World Above, 2011

Incredible image courtesy of; Brooke Shaden
The World Above, 2011.

The wind’s body, blustery and bracing,

The breathe of leaves,

Blow across the seas,

Petals of rose buds, to scatter,

Against the storm,


A black hawk and a dove,

A protector of the pharaoh,

A peaceful mediator,

To rise above in sweeping song,

To uncover our souls,

At the bottom of the ocean,

We misplaced our hearts,

Our eyes to see,

The perfection of the deep blue,

The pearls which dawn our day,

Our hands to feel the power of the wave,

The ripple runs through our veins,

Deep rooted in the tiny grains of sand,

Under our feet,

The hourglass flows on.


In confinement, The walls bleed, Weeping like sap on trees, Four barriers, Ceilings high, All I can do, but cry, I am strong, Unbreakable, Words cut, But do not cut through, I am all that I am, I am me, … Continue reading