Hide my Scars


Vanity Dreams

Donna Fumatrice on Pinterest | Smudged Makeup, Smoking and Smoke www.pinterest.com-

Donna Fumatrice on Pinterest | Smudged Makeup, Smoking and Smoke

Baby, you are bad news,
Cocking your gun,
To the sound of the drum,
The bells toll and you are just show,
With heels of glitter and lipstick mouth,
Ruby red and loud,
Your crown reins down, all over the town,

Baby, you are bad news,
So bad, you taste so good,
Like a shotgun, short and sharp,
A cigarette fume,
Vexed and high, hooked,
Liquid gin on my tongue,
Burning in delirium,
The heat, undressed,
Naked indifference,

Baby, you are bad news,
Gun in garter,
Lips licked in vanity dreams,
Russet hair and smoky scene,
Full throttle,
Baby, you are bad, bad news,
So bad I’m addicted to you.

Ancient City Meets Modern Woman

Incredible image by www.fashionising.com

Incredible image by www.fashionising.com

On cobblestone path,

A fairway of carts,

Horse and donkey,


Her heels click along the way,

A Gucci bag,

Chanel lips, red and rosy,

She rushes past the dead and buried,

The ghosts of yesterday,

Walk beside,

Barefoot and nowhere to hide,

She sips coffee, phone to ear,

The image of modern woman,

Grates against the throne,

Hangings and happenings,

Hunger and despair,

The city is bustling,

People collide,

With the living, and the dead,

Both sides,

The ancient ties,

A past, a present,

A future entangled,

The cobblestone streets,

Lay bare,

Holding the feet of wreck less souls,

A haunted road.