Imagine, one morning waking at dawn. The colours of yellow and burnt orange warm your skin. You open your eyes and search your surrounds, everything that once was, gone. Your world blank. Your loved ones vanished, your career and professional life irrelevant in a new world. Your home a distant memory. It is just you and things you own. Emptiness grips your throat and your breath laboured. You’re left cold.

Everything that was important to you yesterday, replaced by times rapid clock. How do you move out forward?
In this life, we’re constantly thriving to achieve financial success. Chasing materials to fill a deep void. Masking our sadness with bigger and better products.

But what happens when you awaken; from this life created? Will you look back and love the things you have brought? Or will you remember the people who travelled beside you? Moved through the thick hours of time, and supported you with love, and action.

As time ticks by, remember it is only fleeting, that one day the hands will stop, will you be left with all your possessions or will you choose love?


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Stroke My Ego

I’m going to write this one for me,
To stroke my ego, to set me free,
My self-image is the main contender,
Here in the world of splendour,
Of contests and clashes,
Of beauty and plastic,
Of landfill, and pollution,
Of hunger and despair,
Yachts and jet planes,
Silver screens and celebrity gossips,
Refugees and politics,
Broken promises and sensationalism,
News stories covered by monkeys in suits,
Bleeding with untruths,
I’ll turn my back, hide away,
I have so much to do and say,
Things to buy,
People to see,
So much to do,
See, it’s all about me.

Lets Run Wild

Run wildLets run wild, the wind in our hair, leave behind all our cares, our possessions will be left at the door, we will run into the wild, careless and free. Our hearts open and our minds burden-free.