Amazon Queen – Revised

The sky sleeps

 in the soft flow of night

The wind whispers under a cloak 

of black and gold,

She glitters below the leaves, 

 of broad-leaved evergreens 

Above the canopy, rain falls

Of turquoise hues 

and silky moss 

faerie orchids stalk

Her heart line like an exotic 


Etched, deeply profound

A kapok, 

tendrils strangling its host,

leaving behind a haunted fig 

A ghostly fog –
Sensually, night slips into dawn

Burnt orange 


She, the protector

of all that are gone

Singing a warrior song – 

Dazzling Queen of the Amazon.

Words J.Calvert written 2016, revised 2017. 


Selene Became The Night

The sky absorbed her name,
Selene become the night,
In faded light,
Her heart recounted,
The times,
Of worship,
Bathing in the realm of eternal splendour,

Iridescent under the imprint of the moon,
Glowing pink pearls and anthodium blooms,
Pear shaped Mandolin hymns,
Silver stars in her eyes,
Teardrops glistening in the skies,
Side saddle she rides,
A steed of stardust blue,
A cosmic child,
Awakened under the moon.

Entwined In Rain And River

lovers watercoloursSplatter paint over the canvas,

Reds and gold, crimson bold,


A master piece,

A story told,

A lover’s qualm,

A soft charm,

The lights that sprinkle the moon above,

I’ll paint a picture of,

In this picture we will be lovers,

Entwined in rain and river,

Stroked and shaded,

Posed and paraded,

Locked enduringly,

For all of history,

Tinted as one.

I’ll Write Your Name In The Sky, In Bold Brassy Letters

Incredibly stunning photography: Mia Farrow by Norman Parkinson.

Incredibly stunning photography: Mia Farrow by Norman Parkinson.

In the sky I will write your name,

In bold brassy letters,

The world will see,

The stars shall shine,

The words from above,

The moon will light your way,

The sun to brighten your day,

I’ll make a wish under the stars,

I’ll wish for you my love.image

Hollow Moon Wet in the passing rain, seeking out the nights love, a hazy foggy sky, seldom stars and hollow moon, swinging above, nestled in, dark and deep, of purple sleep, my heart illuminated in light.

Silk Cocoon

Wrap the day into silk cocoon, slip the stars into woven swathe, tie the sun to the moon, take the sky caress it in hand, tuck it away safely in your mind. Start the day with a new breath, relish … Continue reading

Harvest Moon 

  In the light of harvest moon, softly glowing, hearts of starry flight, filled in the warmth of breathe, whispers linger upon ears, the movement of lips, brings tears, fingers trail skin, to tease naked flesh, salty and poised, flexible pose, manoeuvring limbs, entangled in patterns of tender disclose, a wet and wild mess, under the twilight, lovers explode. 

We Found Love On The Crescent Of The Moon

We balance on the edge of the moon. Hanging on to the groove. clinging to the crescent, hoovering above in a static space. Fingertips of thread, slip and fall, plummet into the solar system. We leave our fear with the stars, face the sun, blinded by love. We dance in the sky, sing in the light of the moon, bask in the dawn. Tomorrow is anew. We found love on the crescent of the moon.

In A Bed In Cold Misery

Looking up from underneath, moonlight steals a shadow in the deep. Reflecting light, casting colour into the night. Fractured light burns over the sea, on the stormy tide electricity kisses me. Lips wet and salty, eyes blinded. I see my reflection staring back at me, pearly skin and icy stare, lying in a sand and coral bedim. I’ll hold my breathe to sleep beneath the surface in a bed of cold misery.

A Place Lovers Understand

loverskissIn one soft breath,

She took his hand,

Lead him to a place,

Only they understand,

In this place there where two,

Infused into one,

They bleed their love,

Showered in the sun,

They saw the stars and the moon above,

In this place they knew love.