Hide My Scars, Part 2

‘In reflection, I see my skin, behind the paint I coat it in, Wrinkles and crevices and blemishes adorn, the face, I’ve looked upon, In years of self-doubt and time ticked on, I finally see, the one, who I’ve been looking for, is ME.’


Part 1 of Hide My Scars

The Beauty Of Your Love

Perfect lines,
In symmetry,
The outline of your –
Lips reach,
Touch my eyes, gently,
Trace around your silhouette,
With shaking hand,
Map out the landmarks,
Your heart, stirs mellifluous,
Under the weight of my fingers,
Strokes the contours of your skin,
In light movements,
Illuminate, the ties bond,
In tint and shade,
Draw in illustrations –
The beauty of your love.


Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 

Be your own kind of beautiful.