Porcelain Doll

She lurked beneath the sea In languid dreams Among encrusted shells and aqua marine Swimming in tales of bootleg bandits and treasures foreseen. Her eyes mirrored by the swell Sinking in coral A wet porcelain doll – Stitched with serrated … Continue reading


Each day the tide arrives Ripples and rolls Wraps around my throat Sucks the air from my lungs The silence of the water Washes over my chaotic mind In stillness I am left Blind. It is merely a ripple in … Continue reading


Lost in the whitewash,
Waves plummeting down,
Caressing the essence of my fragility,
Seamless, in the descent of the sun,
As dusk bares herself across the sea,
In throws of auburn and harvest gold,
A Banquet in the sky,
Exposure revealing a furnace to the stars,
Adrift on the oceans great tide,
Eluded by the skeletons of the Coral Sea,
The junkyard of society,
Bones and dust below,
On the surface all is well.