5 Day Photo/Story Challenge Day 1

  I have been challenged by the wonderful Rich at Waffle Me This, to the 5 day photo story challenge. Thanks Rich. I appreciate the nomination and I’m really excited about this challenge! Challenge Guidelines: Post a picture each day for … Continue reading

A Golden Pond

8b14a7aa21c02d88842857f2820a1ccbA golden pond,
A lily pad of mossy stones,
An ivory swan,
Gliding against the current of the mere,
Of honeydew and Isabelline,
She glides downstream,
In nakedness,
Of bare nipples, navel and legs,
Of auburn dreams and tangerine love,

Sun streaking sky and blackbird’s coast,
River immerses,
She floats.

Thor’s Oak

The winds bellow and hush, The forest sweeps, Invades our silence, In the woodlands, I find sweet Isabella, In darling bloom, A shining light of gold and white, Under Thor’s Oak, She basks in daylight, Petals of bluebells, Under skies … Continue reading