6755737b24cd7eaf71094ae8d4d1860fHow can I sit in idle?
And allow you to ridicule my being,
Who I am
who you think I am
are completely contrasting,
My colours shine through
the light I allow
and you can’t blind them
with your negativity.
You don’t know me,
You don’t even know you,
So take your judgemental eyes
And cask it back upon yourself
I am not a victim
I am not a pushover
I am not yours to influence
I will not allow you to
determine who I am.
I follow my own path.


Don’t interrupt my inner peace with your toxic mind.

Beyond The Sun


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In the light of day,
Softly she treads,
Eyes of coral sand,
The wind it willows,
Calls her name,
Ushers her to a place,
Above the treetops,

Past fluffy clouds,
Beyond the sun,
Outside the moonlight night,
Within a glorious mind,
She feels her way,
Lightly her fingers play,
Piano notes and plucked strings,
Recites and rejoices in the grandeur of life,
A place of both beauty and plight,
Her lips touch the written words,
Sleeping in the skies,
She moves forward in time.

Silk Cocoon

Wrap the day into silk cocoon, slip the stars into woven swathe, tie the sun to the moon, take the sky caress it in hand, tuck it away safely in your mind. Start the day with a new breath, relish … Continue reading