Entwined In Rain And River

lovers watercoloursSplatter paint over the canvas,

Reds and gold, crimson bold,


A master piece,

A story told,

A lover’s qualm,

A soft charm,

The lights that sprinkle the moon above,

I’ll paint a picture of,

In this picture we will be lovers,

Entwined in rain and river,

Stroked and shaded,

Posed and paraded,

Locked enduringly,

For all of history,

Tinted as one.


Black Birds Soar

Black Birds Soar

Blackbirds in panic soar across the hazy sky.

Thick grey clouds distort the atmosphere,

The air tastes fresh as the rain spills down,

And rips the leaves off the trees, landing on the head of a young boy.

He is awash with a deafening sound as hail descends from the skies.

As quick as it began, in a matter of moments the world is silent once more.



I walk beside the river bed. The water hurries downstream and smashes with intensity against the boulders  jutting  forth from the watery earth.

My eyes are drawn to the wild flowers which line the bank.The flowers sprawl and spring from the ground entwined together and fight to be free.

Just as the flowers grasp for their own space to grow, whether it is here on the river where my freedom lies, I will fight be to be untangled.