Published On Poppy Road Review

A massive thank you, to Poppy Road Review for publishing my poem Dead Sisters.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.

A BIG thank you to Ryan, at Days Of Stone, for suggesting I submit Dead Sisters to Poppy Road. Thanks for your encouragement and support Ryan!

Pretty please follow the link,

Poppy Road Review: Jennifer Calvert

I Change My Mind So Often I Exhaust Myself

I change my mind so often I exhaust myself.

This quote couldn’t be more real for me personally. I have a problem. I think of a great story. I’m really enthusiastic and begin writing, planning etc. Then around chapter 8-10 I begin doubting. I STOP writing. I think hmm maybe I should write something else or go back to a previous half written manuscript; which I left in doubt.

How do I get through this phase?

I love writing Historical/Romance, but found it hard in terms of research. I started writing a fantasy type novel. Which I was extremely confident about, until recently when I started doubting, and began thinking about going back to the historical/romance story.

Any ideas or tips on how to get through that phase?

What do you do in order to block those thoughts and stick with one idea?

Jen x