I am Queen 

I am Queen 


Tainted Hearts and Gothic Art

Broken bells, And tarnished sheets, Tainted hearts and gothic art, Twenty nine cigars and a bottle of ale, Death threats and Three mysterious queens, In rivalry, A crown on each, One of gold, a finest trophy, The other of iron … Continue reading


With curls the shade of serpent’s blood,
Twisting and knotting,
Coiling and plunging,
Around pearls of antique cream,
A neck of bronzed skin,
Her mouth of vintage wine,
Every drop savoured,
Seduced by the tongue of gods,

Egyptian goddess,
Haunting the throne,
Casting light over the Nile,
Valleys and basins,
Fountain of youth,
Immortalised in the history books,

Ravens bask in beauty, Cobra’s dance in song,
The mellow harp plays,
The heart rose of dawn,
Casting shadows across the chamber night,
Written in the wind,
Bound by the tides,
Noosed by decree,
Their hearts a timeless muse,

Cleopatra and Antony.

A Thistle of Cirsiums

Her crown worn like a thistle of cirsiums, Adorn her head of mellifluous honey and caramel cream, Eyes in wakening, Lips in rousing red, Bleeding all over the bed, Four poster and mahogany red, Sheets of silver silk, drenched in … Continue reading

Bohemian Queen

photography | A Trick of Light sunnymoraine.com-

photography | A Trick of Light

Upon her golden throne,
Hair of silky thread,
Woven and spun,
Around hearts of embroidered sun,
Embellished and dazzling,
Entangled in love,
Unravelled in wanting,
Worshipped Queen of Bohemia,
Wild fig and amber light,
Reflection in glass stained window, Disillusioned, Frayed and forgotten,
Naked on the cathedral stone,
In antiquity, she is grace.