Entwined In Rain And River

lovers watercoloursSplatter paint over the canvas,

Reds and gold, crimson bold,


A master piece,

A story told,

A lover’s qualm,

A soft charm,

The lights that sprinkle the moon above,

I’ll paint a picture of,

In this picture we will be lovers,

Entwined in rain and river,

Stroked and shaded,

Posed and paraded,

Locked enduringly,

For all of history,

Tinted as one.


Drops of rain,

Whisper and fan,

Drenching strings of lovers sway,

Conjoin in gentle spray,

Lips of wet silken taste,

Dancing in the rain,

As only love can,

Pearls of heaven fall,

Sweet sounding tempest.


The ground is green and prickly beneath her, it itches her skin, but the softness of it, quietens her mind, she breathes the air, fresh and clean. The sky looks down on her, she is insignificant in the day, the clouds roll across the blue, angry and grey. In a moment the clouds will begin to cry, mighty tears will fall. Down upon her face, to wash away her pain. image