HIDE IN MY SCARS REMIX (Lino Robles x Jennifer Calvert)


I hide behind a mask, of liquid and paint
I’ll smear it on my clear skin
hide the scars within
liquid gold to my self esteem
i’ll hide behind my mask, where the real me won’t be seen


If you hide behind your mask
i’ll hide behind my pen till you rise
to everything that i see sculpted in your skyline


Each moment & glimpse
that in the past you’ve hid
knowing that being bottle up your essence is being missed
so i show you everything that you bring to the list
bit by bit


No make up or mask
i shower you in everything that i bask
in since others have lost you i go for the win
your beauty is a godly desire so should i consider you a sin
Lino in bold
facepaint: alejandra cruz
pleas visit this talented writer jennifercalvertwriter.wordpress.com as i do…

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