A Braid Of Blue Horizon

Fragrant scents linger still
on light wind;
across the mill
Speaking to the trees
whispers softly spoke,
Between visions of gold;
lies Calla-Lilies
Trumpet shaped
paper-like bulbs
Painted in oil strokes,
Across Western Isles,
a braid of blue horizon
A hazy day unfolds
The hours between us;
filled with wordless minutes –
seconds slip
through our fingers
No matter how we cling
The silent sea
and the land moans sweetly
Words fail our sensibilities,
Disentangled by the strings that cast
and bind our hearts
Our senses curve above the sun,
The clouds a husky front –
The sound of silence
Speaks to us,
In the garden of our dreams.

@ J.CALVERT 2017

Photography courtesy of Pinterest

Kiss Me Slowly

Kiss me, slowly,
Gently, press your lips,
To mine,
Embrace, my tongue,
Delight my senses,
Sustain me with your love,

Kiss me, slowly,
Softly, renew my heart,
Rain drops to soothe our temptation,
Deprive me of my rational mind,
Lose ourselves in the sunlight hours,
The shadows can’t reach us now,
Our tongues insatiable with lust,

Kiss me, slowly,
Achingly, savour in the touch,
Our mouths dense with the punch,
Set the pace, our expressions swift,
Fingers to melt into skin,
Exploration of limbs,
Bra strap, untangled,
Belt unbuckled,

Kiss me, slowly,
Submit, steadily clasp my body,
Dishevelled, by the sensation,
Pulse and thread,
I will give my body to you to undress,
Bare, I will stand,
Before your gaze,

Kiss me, slowly,
Tenderly, I’m yours to taste.

Harp and String Quartet

Harp and string quartet,
Echo across the pond,
Our hearts collide with the summer sun,
Burning white,
Crisp, the leaves crunch under feet,
Of shades of gold and green,
Darling buds and lavender cotton,
Jack Frost and Fairy-wren,
Upon the landing of earth and water,
She finds herself floating in-between,
She in beauty,
Under skies of filament,
He in wishful wake,
On grass of tumbling hay,
Hands entwine,
Threaded in twine,
Twirled, and weaved,
Lust comprised.