Porcelain Doll

She lurked beneath the sea In languid dreams Among encrusted shells and aqua marine Swimming in tales of bootleg bandits and treasures foreseen. Her eyes mirrored by the swell Sinking in coral A wet porcelain doll – Stitched with serrated … Continue reading

The Dead Sea



Marie Zucker

She slips beyond the break
Shadows the movement of the wave
as it rises and cascades,
Searching below the surface,
Murky water congeals
against the beating of her black heart,
Weeds weave as blood drains
and sea salt loses its salinity,
where mermaids slumber
and crooked captains reap
where sea urchins sting
and sharks grate their teeth
She sinks beneath,
Lost on the tide of the Dead Sea.


Silent Sea

Across the pond Rocks inscribe in mossy tones Salt and brine encase the mind Were waves cast their thick foamy lips upon the ocean floor. Coral crush and skeletons stalk The bones cast to the deep. Were mermaids cry and … Continue reading