Winter’s Final Note-Revised

Winters Final Note In sleet and snow the land stretched below and the cold earth moaned a mournful cry The skies overhead bleed in white – drops fall beneath a sinking sky, harrowing unspoken sighs Running rivers rest in silver … Continue reading

East of the Sun

East of the sun,
In an oasis of sunlit dreams,
Of ocean and waves, spray and mist,

South of the moon,
In a cosmos of stellar and moonlight,
Of astral and silver, gleam and glitter,

West of the golden earth,
In lovers bathes,
Streams and gullies, taverns and springs,

North of the artic stars,
In a snowflake of mirrored hearts,
Of flurry and sleet, winter and solstice,

Our love in a castle,
Of silver and gold,
Of sun and shade,
Of heat and cold,
Of rivers and oceans,
Our love runs bold.

Carolina Blue

In faded light,
Clouded and feathered flight,
Flowers wither and wilt,
Of honeydew and Carolina blue,
Pink lace and teardrops shed,
Casting shadows on dusk,
Her petals fall,
Like autumn leaves,
My once blooming flower sleeps,
On the forest floor.

Feathers Twill and Twine

A spring’s child,
A dove, of vintage white,
Lace and creamy delight,
Flowers braided and twined,
In hair of sand, eyes of olive hills,

A winter’s child,
A falcon, of graceful flight,
Of nightfall and the beginning of dawn,
Feathers twill,
In hair of russet, eyes of black orchid pearls,

In faded light, on dusk and horizon,
Vista and scope,
He watches her glow,
Lit by the warmth of love,
And southern winds blow,
Showered under the teardrops flow,
Above, the red cliffs and hollow logs,
Trees bent and bowed,

We feather the sky, in colours of glorious light,
Of magenta earth,
Of lavender dreams,
Of hushed pinks,
And emerald greens,
In sheets of wistful seams


Under the summer sun,
The specks of yellow rays,
Filter into day,
Behind a parasol of lace,
Her face in the shade,
Eyes of azure grace,
Blushing nectar cheeks,
Lips like raspberries in the snow,
As gentle as twirling ribbon,
Spun and silky,
Rainbow arch across the skies,
As vivid as the light,
Whispers on the wind,
Secrets to revel in,
Lie with me in the flower beds,
Of tulips and spring,
Rest your wings.