Poison Hemlock

Poison hemlock,
Wrap around her breastbone,
Snapping the bone away,
Silky skin, violet and florid,
Out of wedlock,
Bubble-gum, popping,
Tea leaves stirring,
The illusion of self,
A voodoo doll and curse,

Four o’clock,
The town’s folk flock,
Idle on their lips, secrets,
Of a kiss, a witches spell,
Screaming bloody horror,
Altruistic, they unite,
Burn her at the stake,
her sins, recant tonight,

With her final words,
She declares her sorcerous ways,
Ajar, her neck,
Tighten the rope,
A hex, in her last breath,
The people a bleeding tourniquet,
The unknown must pay.

Velvet Ribbon and Black Balloon


A velvet ribbon, tied to a silver key,
Black balloons floating on a string,
Perched above, in grey skies,
Clouded in a scent of salt and misty evening dew,
A keyhole, on a frame of flaking crimson paint,
Yellow light, created by a frilled rim lampshade,
And a secret safe inside,
Buried from prying eyes; instilled.

J. Calvert 2015

The Woods Hold Secrets

Winter Woods Dark Art Danotomorrow wallpaper

Winter Woods Dark Art Danotomorrow wallpaper

The woods are dark and deep, shadows creep, sleep in a hidden bed of lies, buried under sticks and stones, the trees hold mysteries long untold.

Jennifer Calvert