6755737b24cd7eaf71094ae8d4d1860fHow can I sit in idle?
And allow you to ridicule my being,
Who I am
who you think I am
are completely contrasting,
My colours shine through
the light I allow
and you can’t blind them
with your negativity.
You don’t know me,
You don’t even know you,
So take your judgemental eyes
And cask it back upon yourself
I am not a victim
I am not a pushover
I am not yours to influence
I will not allow you to
determine who I am.
I follow my own path.


Don’t interrupt my inner peace with your toxic mind.


Hide My Scars, Part 2

‘In reflection, I see my skin, behind the paint I coat it in, Wrinkles and crevices and blemishes adorn, the face, I’ve looked upon, In years of self-doubt and time ticked on, I finally see, the one, who I’ve been looking for, is ME.’


Part 1 of Hide My Scars

Strip, Part 3



Coconut oil,
Strip, curves of killer seduction,
Bounded, in ties of erotica,
Labelled, Peel back the cloak,
Bare bones and isolation,
The body a shell of intoxication,
Hungover and hysterical,
Lurid, in Malibu,
Alice, open,
Back the concealment,
Her battle just begun.

Part 1, Drip

Part 2, Sip

Vanity’s Hollow Dreams

Peeking out the window, Rectangular, Little cracks run deep, Etch the glass, like little scars, Engrained in my heart, Fragmented shards, Gripping my reflection, Twisting the image, Echoing the dimensions, The face staring back at me, Unknown, Lines and broken … Continue reading

HIDE IN MY SCARS REMIX (Lino Robles x Jennifer Calvert)


I hide behind a mask, of liquid and paint
I’ll smear it on my clear skin
hide the scars within
liquid gold to my self esteem
i’ll hide behind my mask, where the real me won’t be seen


If you hide behind your mask
i’ll hide behind my pen till you rise
to everything that i see sculpted in your skyline


Each moment & glimpse
that in the past you’ve hid
knowing that being bottle up your essence is being missed
so i show you everything that you bring to the list
bit by bit


No make up or mask
i shower you in everything that i bask
in since others have lost you i go for the win
your beauty is a godly desire so should i consider you a sin
Lino in bold
facepaint: alejandra cruz
pleas visit this talented writer jennifercalvertwriter.wordpress.com as i do…

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