I’ll let the cool water

slip around my sides,

Taste the salt over thighs,

The stiches of the my seams

Little by little come undone,

Laced and twilled around the edge,

The water drips without a care

washing away the worries of today

Undoing the line of stitching,

holding my limbs in place

Allowing me to really see

my own face,


To be confronted with grace.




Inspired by life

and who we are

in each and every moment,

Realising and relishing

the beauty of ‘I’

The power of self belief.


In abandonment vanity sits by the roadside, left to dwindle in the dust. I set off towards the sun. Perhaps I’ll pick the fragments of self obsession out of the gutter, when my morale needs to be stroked again. For now I’ll lose the mirror, forsake egomania, cross into the open path of self love. image